Choosing A Qualified Mechanic In Tempe

Does your car need to be fixed or serviced? It's best to schedule regular maintenance to prevent more serious issues in the future. It's also best to take your time and shop around to find a qualified auto repair facility that's a good fit for you.


Shopping around could save you money and mean you receive better service for the price. Here's how you can easily find a qualified auto mechanic in the Tempe area.


The first thing to look at when selecting a someone to do your work is their background and experience. A good technician will stay in business for years while someone who's not properly qualified or who doesn't provide quality customer service is not likely to stay in business for very long.


You should call different businesses and ask when they opened and what kind of experience their mechanics have. If possible, choose a repair shop where they have extensive experience working on vehicles from the same manufacturer as yours.


Take the time to check online reviews before choosing a place with which to do business. You can easily find reviews on a number of business directories, social media and via Yelp and Google. Read reviews to get a better idea of any recurring problems clients encountered with a specific business. Don't use an auto center known for overcharging or failing to fix issues.


You'll always find a few negative reviews but this shouldn't stop you from taking your vehicle to a particular facility, as long as you believe these reviews were written by clients who had unrealistic expectations. And remember, people are far more likely to go online and write a review if they've had a bad experience, which is why you're more likely to find bad reviews even if a business offers quality service.


The Better Business Bureau is a great way to determine which places provide poor service. People can file formal complaints through the BBB if a business doesn't fulfill their part of the original agreement. You should definitely avoid any choice that has received a large number of complaints through the BBB.


Look for a place that hires ASE Certified Technicians. Requiring technicians to obtain this certification and providing them with additional training to maintain their certification is a sign a business cares about providing high quality service. The ASE has been issuing certifications since 1972 and has since been on a mission to improve the quality of repair services offered in North America.


Ask about any warranties offered on the repairs or parts. Most reliable auto repair shops will provide you with a written warranty and will fix your automobile again if the repairs don't last as long as they should. Some guarantees might be provided through the parts manufacturer as well.


You should also ask about free inspections and estimates. This is a good way to get an idea of what's wrong with your vehicle and how much the repairs will cost so you can easily shop around to find the most reliable and affordable repair facility.


I invite you to consider my services. Hold me up against all of the criteria detailed above and if you think we might be a good fit give me a call or message me through my Contact page here on the site.